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24 Jan Featured Image -- 8110

Originally posted on MULTIGLOM:

In an access of extreme procrastination, I started taking photographs of the chaos in my flat instead of tidying it up, which in itself was already a form of extreme procrastination since in any case I’m supposed to be working on a novel.

I suppose I should point out that nothing is where it should be – the shoes, for example, are nowhere near the designated shoe area (where all the pretty girly pointy-toed cha-cha heels are stored; I just haven’t been wearing them a lot recently).

None of these scenes were tidied up beforehand in search of a better composition or more impressive components, though I did remove a soiled Kleenex, which looked too sleazy even for me. I also attempted to retouch a small dust bunny – though only succeeded in making it look worse. On the plus side, I don’t suppose it will be noticed among the…

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When Denominations Go Liberal…

15 Sep

(1) Denominational Magazines Go Off the Rails

“Concerns about recent articles on the denominational magazine, ‘The Banner’, had led to six overtures and two letters objecting to the articles, three of the overtures requesting removal of ‘Banner’ editor, Rev. Robert DeMoor.”

(2) Missionaries Don’t get Supported

“A recent synodical decision increased the amount of support missionaries are required to raise from 60 to 90%, effective in 2020. Synod did not accede to two overtures requesting Synod to reassess or remove that new mission model.”

(3) Bureaucracy Gets Expensive

“Synod approved a 1% ministry share increase for 2015, bringing the per adult confessing member assessment up to $336.12.” (I don’t have the exact figure, but I would guess that this is 10 times higher than the URCNA).

(4) Ministers Disappear

“Attendees at past CRC Synods may recall Rev. George Vander Weit, a passionate advocate for Women’s ordination who continued to contribute to ‘The Banner’ in his retirement. Sadly, Rev. Vander Weit disappeared last summer. A delegate reminded Synod of his absence, and another delegate led Synod in prayer.”

Source: “Christian Renewal”, July 16, 2014

New Calvinism: Conclusions

4 Jul

Originally posted on chantrynotes:

A few weeks ago I began blogging about the phenomenon which is called “New Calvinism.” The immediate impetus for this series was an article from Iain Murray of Banner of Truth on the Together for the Gospel Conference. I, too, have been encouraged by the gatherings of so many Christians in which old literature is read, old hymns are sung, and old doctrine is preached. However, I am deeply concerned by statements such as this:

‘New Calvinist’ too easily suggests some kind of departure from ‘the Old’. But what is now occurring in many parts of the United States can patently be seen to have sprung out of what is far from new. It is no more ‘new’ than the doctrine that was heard under Whitefield and Edwards in the 1740s, or later, under Spurgeon or Lloyd-Jones. What was supposed to be ‘as dead as Queen Anne’ is very much…

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Links to DG Hart interview on the 2 Kingdoms

26 May

Nice 2009 Interview with D.G. Hart on Two Kingdoms Theology. Hart 101 for newcomers.

Civil Lawsuit for Over $1,000,000 Filed by Lourdes Torres-Manteufel Against Doug Phillips & Vision Forum Ministries

15 Apr

The science guy debates the creation man

14 Feb

Originally posted on Glenda Faye Mathes:

Bill Nye
media photo provided at his website

I was one of thousands who watched last evening’s debate between Bill Nye, the Science Guy, and Ken Ham, the creation man.

Nye wore a snazzy bow tie and a natty suit that looked tailored. Ham’s suit and tie appeared to be off a department store rack. Nye’s chiseled features contrasted with Ham’s rugged Aussie visage. Nye was a polished speaker with an articulate and pleasant presentation. Ham had a more serious demeanor and sometimes stumbled over words.

But despite external appearances, the more significant internal differences were obvious. Ham clearly has hope, and Nye does not.

Even before the debate, controversy erupted. Secularists criticized Nye for accepting the invitation. Many of them believed entering into a debate added legitimacy to the pseudo-science of creationism. Creationists criticized Ham for “casting pearls” in a debate with someone who would not…

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Presbyterian Proverbs

12 Feb aesops

Originally posted on Presbyterian Blues:

aesops Greek Fables (close enough)

An advantage of being in the same church for a long time is that you have an opportunity to see things play out.  You can observe parenting and then watch the “parented” children grow up.  You can see folks go from young parents to empty nesters.  You can see all sorts of people just passing through. In short, you’re around long enough for time to tell its story.  And if it told proverbs about Presbyterian church life, they might sound like this.

  1. One who speaketh in his first Sunday School class will evaporate like the morning dew.   It’s uncanny – visitors who enter by sharing their brilliance in their first Sunday School class won’t be around for long.  And, really, you don’t want them around for very long.
  2. Better an early grave than the sneer of an alpha church lady.  Thinking of confronting her? Just…

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