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When Denominations Go Liberal…

15 Sep

(1) Denominational Magazines Go Off the Rails

“Concerns about recent articles on the denominational magazine, ‘The Banner’, had led to six overtures and two letters objecting to the articles, three of the overtures requesting removal of ‘Banner’ editor, Rev. Robert DeMoor.”

(2) Missionaries Don’t get Supported

“A recent synodical decision increased the amount of support missionaries are required to raise from 60 to 90%, effective in 2020. Synod did not accede to two overtures requesting Synod to reassess or remove that new mission model.”

(3) Bureaucracy Gets Expensive

“Synod approved a 1% ministry share increase for 2015, bringing the per adult confessing member assessment up to $336.12.” (I don’t have the exact figure, but I would guess that this is 10 times higher than the URCNA).

(4) Ministers Disappear

“Attendees at past CRC Synods may recall Rev. George Vander Weit, a passionate advocate for Women’s ordination who continued to contribute to ‘The Banner’ in his retirement. Sadly, Rev. Vander Weit disappeared last summer. A delegate reminded Synod of his absence, and another delegate led Synod in prayer.”

Source: “Christian Renewal”, July 16, 2014

Civil Lawsuit for Over $1,000,000 Filed by Lourdes Torres-Manteufel Against Doug Phillips & Vision Forum Ministries

15 Apr

Presbyterian Proverbs

12 Feb aesops

Presbyterian Blues

aesops Greek Fables (close enough)

An advantage of being in the same church for a long time is that you have an opportunity to see things play out.  You can observe parenting and then watch the “parented” children grow up.  You can see folks go from young parents to empty nesters.  You can see all sorts of people just passing through. In short, you’re around long enough for time to tell its story.  And if it told proverbs about Presbyterian church life, they might sound like this.

  1. One who speaketh in his first Sunday School class will evaporate like the morning dew.   It’s uncanny – visitors who enter by sharing their brilliance in their first Sunday School class won’t be around for long.  And, really, you don’t want them around for very long.
  2. Better an early grave than the sneer of an alpha church lady.  Thinking of confronting her? Just…

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It’s a Wrap: Summary of our Midwest Book Scouting Adventure

4 Aug

Nice book scouting post.

Old Scrolls Blog

I’m finally squeezing in some time for a summary of the trip for all who may be interested.  We’ve been back home from our Midwest book scouting adventure for just one week.

We have been doing our best to catch up with ourselves – and on gardening, housekeeping, unpacking, laundry, and friends.     Our book store cat, Osa, got really tired watching us unpack all the books…

 By the way, Osa is oh-so happy that we are home!

 The purpose of our book scouting trips is to find interesting, unusual, high-quality stock for our book store.  We always have our customers in mind while making purchases on these trips.  It is important to know your customer base.  Otherwise, one would lose confidence well before you’d spent your first $500.  For us, this meant we were seeking out vintage decorated bindings, scarcer Modern Library Editions in excellent condition, books with beautiful…

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One-year internship in Pella for Ecuadorian seminarian

17 Jul

He preached in my church this past Sunday.

Glenda Faye Mathes

While one-year internships are common in the OPC and one-year vicariates are standard practice in the RCNZ, such arrangements are rare in the URCNA. But Covenant Reformed Church (URCNA) in Pella, IA, is planning a one-year internship with Pablo Landázuri.

Pablo, who is from Quito, Ecuador, anticipates graduating from Mid-America Reformed Seminary on May 16 and longs to plant Reformed churches in his home country. Pending visa approval, he hopes to travel with his wife and three sons to visit relatives in Ecuador, returning to the US to work in Pella from June of 2013 until June of 2014.

“We are looking forward to it,” says Pablo. “Being a large church, I figure that Covenant experiences different circumstances proper to its pilgrimage here on earth in terms of number and depth. It is a place to learn from others who have more experience and knowledge. This experience will allow me…

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27 Mar

Presbyterian Blues

It will be months before we’ll know how the Supreme Court will rule on the Proposition 8 case. But we can glean from today’s Hollingsworth v. Perry oral arguments. Here, in alphabetical order of the Justices, are select quotes.

Given the long history of heterosexual marriage, Justice Alito expresses caution about resolving gay marriage issues with the courts rather than the democratic process:

Traditional marriage has been around for thousands of years. Same-sex marriage is very new. But you want us to step in and render a decision based on an assessment of the effects of this institution which is newer than cell phones or the Internet? I mean we — we are not — we do not have the ability to see the future.

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19 Mar

Presbyterian Blues

In Bandstra v. Edouard, defense attorneys have filed motions to dismiss on behalf of the URCNA, Covenant Reformed Church, the Consistory, and four individual elders.  The elders, who are being individually sued for making statements that express or imply moral guilt on behalf of the two female plaintiffs, filed separately.  Two arguments in their memorandum are their First Amendment defense and the “qualified privilege” defense; churches should pay close attention to the second.

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